Put Your Social Media Library on Autopilot with Edgar

Jose Proenca
Jose Proenca / June 16, 2016

Edgar Integrations

A full schedule of posting and tweeting can eat up your entire day, but there's no denying the value of traffic from social media. So how can you reap those benefits while still taking care of other tasks?

Meet Edgar. This social posting platform and its friendly mascot free up your time by combining an automated scheduling system with a categorized library of content. Instead of deciding what to publish, and when, Edgar handles that work for you. You can set up intelligent scheduling as easily as saying “post a link to my blog every Tuesday at noon, and a question to my fans every Friday at five!”

Your posting takes care of itself from then on, as Edgar pulls the appropriate content from your library and publishes it accordingly. And Edgar will never run out of things to say, since it'll just start back at the top when it reaches the end of your content! There’s no limit to the size of your content library, and your old posts gain a new lease on life as they get re-shared intelligently over time, extending their usually short lifecycle.

So where does all that great content come from? Anywhere you want, once you use Zapier's Edgar integration.

Add YouTube videos to your library automatically, and capture every Instagram post you make for other social networks. Turn new spreadsheet rows into social posts automatically, or connect a Slack channel to Edgar so that your team can effortlessly queue up every great quote and gif with a simple message.

Less time spent sourcing and organizing content means more time creating it, and engaging with your audience—and that's the bottom line.

If you've already got a content pipeline at work, speed things up by jumping into the Zap editor and putting a workflow together. Or leverage some of the most popular use-case examples by clicking "Use this Zap" below:

Drive more social traffic in less time with a content library that fills itself, using Edgar and Zapier.

Also, how cute is that mascot?!