Track and Process Job Applicants with Zoho Recruit

Jose Proenca
Jose Proenca / June 8, 2016

Zoho Recruit Integrations

Recruiters have a hard job. Applicants pour in constantly, piling notifications on top of every other task you have, and phones never stop ringing. It's tough to stay focused as you hop between all the apps used to manage your work.

If you can relate, read on for some good news.

Zoho Recruit offers an applicant management solution tailored to the modern recruiter—handling the entire process from sourcing and screening candidates to getting approvals and finalizing hires.

With our new Zoho Recruit integration, your recruitment workflows are now integrated with over 650 apps.

All your appointments, candidates, and contacts can be entered into Zoho Recruit automatically from sources like Wufoo or Google Sheets. You also can pass that information into every other app you want—like your email marketing software—without any manual entry.

Whether you need to email newsletters to candidates with MailChimp or log new contacts on QuickBooks Online, Zapier automation ensures you'll never miss those details when you need them.

When you need to look up candidate or contact details, you can retrieve that information with Search Actions and pipe it out via chat or email notifications, too—no more wasted time searching for names and copy/pasting the results.

Ready to lay out automation and turn up your workflow efficiency? Jump into the Zap editor and start building, or try out these examples to get started:

Capture New Candidates

Take Action Automatically

Copy New Candidates To All Your Apps

Your employees are at the heart of your business: Make it easy to track and find the best people with Zoho Recruit's integration on Zapier.

Be sure to check Zoho Recruit's help page on Zapier if you run into any issues, and we'll get you up and running in no time.