Drive More Engagement with Marketing Automation by Marketo

Jose Proenca
Jose Proenca / June 1, 2016

Marketo Integrations

As a marketer, there's a lot you have to juggle, no matter if you're a scrappy startup or part of an established enterprise. Your focus may be on lead acquisition one moment, churn the next. Between important work like content creation and analytics review, you don't have time to spare for slow, manual processes.

Marketo offers a comprehensive suite of functions to engage prospects with your marketing funnel from end to end, including easy to use ads and forms, mobile access to your leads, email automation, and deep analytics. But where does that information come from?

Enter Zapier. With our Marketo integration, you can automatically capture new leads from every other app you use in your workflow, from Google Sheets to Typeform and Pipedrive. You can even add leads to specific lists as they heat up. We'll never create duplicates for you, either: Intelligent searches can check if your lead exists and update their details, only adding new contacts if they don't exist.

Tired of copying leads into your CRM or personal contact list? Zapier automation can copy each new one you add, without fail. You can also use the "New Lead" Trigger to kick-off a number of follow-up workflows, like Slack notifications to alert the team or Trello cards to make sure you take appropriate action—it's all completely customizable.

As always, you can jump right into the Zap editor and build workflows from scratch, or you can jump right in with these examples:

Capture New Leads

Nurture Your Customers

Distribute Contact Information

React to New Prospects

Focus your effort on your customers, not data entry. Build Marketo workflows on Zapier and reclaim your time today. Be sure to check out Zapier's listing on LaunchPoint as well!