Put Your Digital Catalog on Autopilot with Pinterest and Zapier

Jose Proenca
Jose Proenca / May 23, 2016

From hobbies and personal projects to work and volunteer activities, Pinterest lets you collect and display images reflecting every aspect of your life and business. Those visuals engage with others in a way that words can't: Product catalogs come to life on your boards, turning followers into potential partners and customers, as well as sources of inspiration.

But it takes time to post all that content, and keep up with everyone you follow.

Not any more. Zapier's Pinterest integration lets you track, share, and discover content automatically. If you're always importing or copying your Pins from elsewhere, we'll do it for you. If you need to record your activity on Pinterest for your archives, that can be automated, too. Whether you're just getting started with your Pins or are growing your boards' reach, let Zapier do the hard work.

Promote Your New Merchandise‚Äč

Auto-Pin Your Other Posts

Pin Your Uploaded Files‚Äč

Spread the Word

Log Your Pins and Likes

Track Your Followers

Sight is by far our most dominant sense. Let Zapier automation keep your followers engaged with your content on Pinterest so you have more time for creating it.