Grow Your Community With Curated Newsletters

Alison Groves
Alison Groves / March 8, 2016

Community means something a little different to everyone but has the same common thread: a group of people who rally around a similar interest. If you find yourself sharing a lot of content on social sites and getting a good reception to it, have you ever thought of pulling articles into a newsletter to share with friends, fans, and other members of your community?

Sharing great content in digest form is what Curated is all about, and they make pulling those newsletters together a piece of cake. Simply collect links, pick the best that you'd like to share, add your own commentary, and Curated handles the rest. Have not only a landing page but an email campaign pulled together to share with your community of any size.

There is a lot of content out there, and now Zapier can help you manage not only that content that you're sending into Curated, but can help you manage email lists as well. Also, it's never been easier to share your latest Curated newsletter socially, just set up a Zap or two and unleash that content out further into your social circles.

Here's a few other ways you can use Curated's new integration:

Excited about starting your own newsletters with Curated? Signup for an account, and check out the potential of connecting Curated to Zapier's 500+ apps.