Build Customized Business Dashboards with Klipfolio

Alison Groves
Alison Groves / March 3, 2016

Every business has metrics that are important to it. How many customers you have on any given day, where does revenue stand, what are people saying aobut us online? You could go digging for that data anytime you needed it, or you could let it come to you.

With Klipfolio you can create just about any type of dashboard you might need to stay on top of your data. Marketing, sales, dev-ops, support, general reporting, if you've got the data, Klipfoloio can help you aggregate it and display it with ease.

Now, imagine having access to data from any of Zapier's 500+ connected apps on those dashboards anytime! Social media mentions, help desk tickets, email newsletter subscribers, incoming emails, new leads, the sky is the limit. If you have data in one app you'd like to get to a Klipfolio dashboard, Zapier can handle that for you automatically.

Check out a few ways you can use Klipfolio's new integration:

Want to build your own dashboards? Sign up for a Klipfolio account, and take a look at all that is possible when connecting those dashboards to any of Zapier's 500+ apps.