Deepen Your Marketing Automation With GreenRope

Alison Groves
Alison Groves / January 26, 2016

Capturing and organizing a customer's contact information is just the first step at building a great relationship. There's keeping them informed with emails, connecting via social media, forms to capture their information at the start, and even data to analyze when it's all said and done. GreenRope brings all of that together under one roof, plus plenty of other tools needed to give you a complete marketing automation suite.

Marketing touches just about every corner of our work, and that's where Zapier comes in, to help you connect all of the dots together. Create contacts from incoming emails, use CRM activity to create to-dos, even connect marketing events to your external calendars.

Here's a few different ways you can take advantage of GreenRope's new Zapier integration:

How to Use This Integration

  1. Sign up for GreenRope, and also make sure you have a Zapier account.
  2. Connect your GreenRope account to Zapier.
  3. Check out pre-made GreenRope integrations.
  4. Or create your own from scratch in the Zap Editor.