Eliminate Email and Bring Team Communication Together with Fleep

Alison Groves
Alison Groves / December 3, 2015

How much email do you send and receive every day? Feel like all you do is spend your waking hours inside your inbox? Communicating with our teams will always be important, but Fleep aims to make email take a back seat to overall conversations including audio and video calls, meeting notes, links, files, and tasks all together in one platform.

With Fleep now connected to Zapier, you can bring even more valuable data right into your team's communication hub. Create messages from outside tasks, social media messages, or help desk tickets as they come in.

Here's a few different ways you can take advantage of Fleep's new Zapier integration:

How to Use This Integration

  1. Sign up for Fleep, and also make sure you have a Zapier account.
  2. Connect your Fleep account to Zapier.
  3. Check out pre-made Fleep integrations.
  4. Or create your own from scratch in the Zap Editor.

Happy communicating!