Connect Your Personal and Team Workflows Together with Process Street and Zapier

Alison Groves
Alison Groves / August 27, 2015

Process Street

For as long as there has been tasks to complete there have been checklists. Our daily tasks, recurring event needs, project checklists for an entire team to complete. Process Street allows you to create those checklists you need, collaborate with your team across different workflows, and assign those tasks out so everyone knows their responsibility and things are completed in a timely manner.

Now with Zapier connected to Process Street, you can enhance your checklist experience with things like Triggering automations off of finished tasks and creating new checklists. Send tasks to your calendar, create checklists from sales opportunities, even archive your activity in a spreadsheet.

Check out a few different ways you can take advantage of Process Street's new Zapier integration:

How to Use This Integration

  1. Sign up for a Process Street account account, and also make sure you have a Zapier account.
  2. Connect your Process Street account to Zapier.
  3. Check out pre-made Process Street integrations.
  4. Or create your own from scratch in the Zap Editor.

Happy planning!