LinkedIn Triggers and Actions Being Removed

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / April 28, 2015

On February 12, 2015, LinkedIn announced significant changes to the way third-party companies like ours are able to integrate with their platform. In short, LinkedIn wants to better support functionality that provides value back to LinkedIn members and to remove functionality that does not.

Unfortunately, many of the Triggers and Actions on Zapier rely on LinkedIn API functionality that is being removed. We've had multiple conversations with LinkedIn to see if we could become a preferred partner, however the functionality we provide falls in the bucket that does not provide value to LinkedIn members and LinkedIn.

So on May 12, 2015, the LinkedIn Triggers for "New Connection," "New Second Degree Connection" and "New Job" will be removed and the LinkedIn Actions for sending a connection invite and creating a group discussion will be removed. The "Share Update" Action will remain active.

If you rely on those Triggers or Actions you'll need to find another solution. Normally, we'd recommend something, however any app that performs the same function is likely relying on the same APIs so we're unsure yet what solutions might exist. If we do come across a good solution we'll make sure to update this post.

At Zapier we take a lot of pride in reliability. Zapier has been in business for 43 months and supports over 400 APIs. We also work hard to make sure the APIs on Zapier are of quality and will be supported over the long haul.

We're thankful to each and every API provider we work with for making a long term investment in building, maintaining and supporting their developer communities. Should LinkedIn decide to bring this functionality back, we'll be excited to re-add it to the Zapier platform.

Wade Foster
Co-founder & CEO
Zapier, Inc.