New Highrise "Changed Deal Status" Trigger

Steve Molitor
Steve Molitor / April 22, 2015

The new 'Changed Deal Status' Trigger for Highrise gets triggered when the status of a deal has changed—for example, from 'pending' to 'won'. Use this new Trigger when you want to, say, share the news of a won deal in Slack, add that client's email to a MailChimp list, or fire off a notification email to your sales team.

If you are currently using the "New Deal" trigger to detect when a deal was won, please edit your Zaps to use the new "Changed Deal Status" trigger. There was a bug with the "New Deal" Trigger that caused it to get it fire on deal status changes. That bug has been fixed, so if your Zap relies on the old buggy behavior to detect deal status changes, the Zap will no longer work correctly.

Note: "Changed Deal Status" only triggers one status change per deal per day.