Connect SumoMe to Every Email List Manager Under the Sun and More

Nathaniel Eliason
Nathaniel Eliason / April 28, 2015

Since its launch last year, SumoMe has quickly become a favorite tool among marketers for its suite of applications that make it easy to promote a site. Whether its a blog, app or online service, SumoMe helps businesses and individuals rapidly boost site traffic and grow email lists. From there, users can take those new subscribers and begin to nurture those relationships, and that's where the new SumoMe-Zapier integration comes into play. The app has always let you integrate with a selection of email list managers, but that list just got much bigger.

Now you have total integration freedom for any app you had hoped to connect to SumoMe. Using Zapier, you can add SumoMe subscribers to transactional email services like Mandrill, Mailgun or SendGrid. Connect SumoMe to a marketing automation tool, too, such as Intercom or Drip, or hook it up to your CRM. You can also start getting alerted of new subscribers with email notifications or trigger a personal welcome email from your Gmail account to be sent to that new subscriber.

Here are some of the new automation possibilities for your lead generation. To see more, check out the SumoMe Zapbook page.

How to Use This Integration

  1. Sign up for a SumoMe account and install it on your site. Also make sure you have a Zapier account.
  2. Set up at least one email capture form through SumoMe.
  3. ]Connect SumoMe to Zapier]( in their "services" pane for any of the email list building apps.
  4. Check out pre-made SumoMe integrations.
  5. Or make your own from scratch in the Zap Editor.