Send Fulcrum Field Data to Hundreds of Apps with Zapier

Matthew Guay
Matthew Guay / March 20, 2015

Fulcrum dashboard

Working with forms in the field has always been a challenge. Far too often, people still use pen and paper to capture on the field, then type up their results when they're back in the office. That's a burden at best—but you should be thinking of data coming from your field workforce as an asset, not a burden.

Fulcrum is a data collection tool for web, iOS, and Android that allows you to design custom forms to conduct field data collection. Fulcrum's workflow takes advantage of location-based services, photos, and more, all with full offline mobile support. Use the drag-and-drop designer to create your own surveys, inspections, or audits to your exact specifications, so you're in complete control over your data collection workflow.

You can use Fulcrum in many ways to manage data, track progress, and see your field staff's productivity. And now with Fulcrum's Zapier integration, you can use that data in any app you use.

There's hundreds of ways you can use other apps with Fulcrum via Zapier, allowing you to integrate your data collection process with other tools you use without writing any code. Here's some ways to get started:

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