Connect Issue Tracker Sifter to Slack, HipChat, SMS and Hundreds of Apps with Zapier

Danny Schreiber
Danny Schreiber / March 16, 2015

Any team that's serious about shipping great software can't live without their issue tracker, but sometimes you need to build on top of it to help with your team's workflow. With the new Sifter and Zapier integration, you can do just that.

Sifter helps make bug and issue tracking simple and is designed to be easy enough for even your non-technical clients and team members to help track issues. You can organize issues with projects, milestones, and categories in conjunction with a formal quality assurance process or ongoing testing with your clients. It stays out of the way by making it quick and easy to log issues from the web interface or even by emailing issues to your project.

With Zapier, you can power up your Sifter notifications to make sure that the right team members know about key new issues in a given Sifter project as soon as they're created. For example, you could pipe a notification into your team chat room when an issue is left unassigned. You could send yourself a text message whenever someone logs a critical issue. You could notify different team members based on the category of the issue. Or you could do any of this only when your client logs a new issue so that you can always be one step ahead.

Here's a few of the issue tracking notifications you could enable today. For more, see the Sifter Zapbook page.

Start Making Zaps with Sifter

  1. Sign up for a Sifter account, and make sure you have a Zapier account.
  2. Connect your Sifter account to Zapier.
  3. Check out pre-made Sifter integrations.
  4. Or create your own from scratch in the Zapier Dashboard.

To learn more about this integration, visit the Sifter help docs on Zapier.