Improved Efficiency for Zoho Invoice

Justin Deal
Justin Deal / January 30, 2015


This update improves the efficiency of two Zoho Invoice triggers: New Invoice and New Contact. That means two things:

  1. You won't be nearly as likely to hit Zoho Invoice's API rate limits.
  2. You won't be nearly as likely to hit ugly timeouts when we try to get data from Zoho Invoice.

Why this matters to you

Whether you know it or not, Zoho Invoice (just like most other apps) limits the number of times we can ask for your new data. When you hit that limit, your Zap won't work anymore.

With this update, we've greatly reduced the number of calls we make to Zoho Invoice. We also won't spend as much time getting your new invoices and contacts, so we won't hit our internal limits for processing Zoho Invoices and Contacts.

If you've had these problems before, that's great news! If you haven't had these problems, it's still great news, because you can avoid them in the future!

Using the new triggers

To take advantage of the new triggers, you'll need to change from the triggers you're currently using (now marked legacy) to the new triggers. If you go to your Zap, you'll see that your trigger now says either "New Invoice (legacy)" or "New Contact (legacy)".


Just change that to the new trigger that isn't marked legacy: either New Invoice or New Contact.



That's it! From now on, you're using the new, more efficient triggers.

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