Get Notifications from All Your Apps, Everywhere, with Pushbullet's New Mac and PC Apps

Matthew Guay
Matthew Guay / January 28, 2015


Important stuff is happening in all of your apps, and you need to make sure you know about it all. Pushbullet is a notifications app—and more—that can now send you notifications on almost any device you use.

Pushbullet started out with mobile apps, and now with their latest release have a full-featured Mac app and integrations with Safari that can let you get your iPhone notifications on the rest of your Apple devices. That's in addition to the other Pushbullet apps including a beta app for Windows, mobile apps for Android and iOS, browser integrations for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, and 3rd party apps for Ubuntu, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. Install them on the devices and browsers you use, and you'll get push notifications everywhere. You can send links from your browser to your phone, copy a file to your friend's iPad, and

Then, with Zapier, you can use Pushbullet's apps to get notifications about all of your apps, and make sure you hear about the most important things and nothing else. You can get custom Gmail notifications when an important person emails you, have your phone buzz when a file is added to your team's Design folder in Dropbox, make your own virtual phone with Twilio complete with SMS notifications, and much more.

If you're not already using Pushbullet with Zapier, here's some great ways to get started sending notifications from any of your apps to any of your devices with Pushbullet. Or, check our Pushbullet Integrations page for more great ways to integrate Pushbullet with the rest of your apps.