Automate Music Discovery with SoundCloud on Zapier

Bryan Landers
Bryan Landers / February 11, 2014

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SoundCloud is the world's most popular social sound platform and home to millions of tracks by podcasters, bands, and professional and hobbyist audio artists alike. As a musician and avid listener myself, I'm excited to share that as of today, SoundCloud is available on Zapier.

Now that you can connect SoundCloud to hundreds of apps via Zapier, you can automate your audio discovery. Get notified if a podcast you listen to posts a new episode. Automatically download a new track shared by an artist you follow. Keep a list in Evernote of every song that you like on SoundCloud.

Here are a few ideas to get your started. For more, see the SoundCloud Zapbook page.

How To Use This Integration

  1. Sign in to SoundCloud and Zapier
  2. Connect your SoundCloud account to Zapier
  3. Check out some SoundCloud Zap templates or…
  4. Make your own SoundCloud Zap!

We're always updating what you can do with Zapier based on what people want, so please let us know if you have requests for more triggers and actions you'd like to use in your Zaps.