Do More with Customer Support Software Mojo Helpdesk

Danny Schreiber
Danny Schreiber / December 11, 2013

Mojo Helpdesk offers organizations a simple way to centralize, assign and track user requests. It also has additional features for support teams, such as customization, a help desk creation tool and a customer portal.

Today, Mojo adds hundreds of more options for support teams as it’s now part of the Zapier app automation platform.

Now, you can create a Mojo ticket from a support request received via Twitter or Wufoo (or another form software tool). You can also now create a new user as the result of doing the same in another app—add a new user to you CRM, for example, and automatically add that person as a user in Mojo.

For the list of triggers and actions available for Mojo, visit the service’s Zapbook page.

How to use this integration

Mojo Helpdesk marketing

  1. Sign in (or sign up) to your Mojo Helpdesk account—make sure you have a Zapier account, too
  2. Connect your Mojo Helpdesk account to Zapier
  3. Check out a few of the pre-made Mojo Helpdesk Zaps or
  4. Start creating your own

For more on this new integration, read the Mojo blog post: “How to Integrate Mojo Helpdesk with Your Favorite Web Apps”.