New for our Ghost integration: Create Members and Watch for New Members

Hannah Herman
Hannah Herman / October 28, 2019

Ghost is a fully open-source, hackable platform for building and running a modern online publication. By connecting Ghost to 1,500+ other apps using Zapier, you can run a full membership publication or premium email newsletter—without manually keeping your member lists in sync across all of your tools and apps.

Thanks to a recent update, Ghost's Zapier integration offers a new action (Create Member) and a new trigger, Watch for New Members. The new action means that you can seamlessly create new Ghost members whenever trigger events happen in the apps you use most—like when there's a new submission in a form app like Typeform. Similarly, the new trigger allows you to execute tasks whenever there's a new Ghost member. For example, you could automatically create a new lead in your CRM when someone is added to Ghost. Together, these features mean it's easier than ever to run your website or newsletter, headache-free.

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