New for Our Ghost Integration: Automatically Create Posts and Watch for Published Posts and Pages

Deborah Tennen
Deborah Tennen / June 18, 2019

Ghost's Zapier integration helps you automate your publishing workflows. And now, there are new triggers and actions to take care of more of the manual work.

First, you can now automatically create a post in Ghost whenever trigger events happen in the other apps you use most. This allows you to do things like draft and collaborate on your content in Google Docs or GitHub and then send it into Ghost Admin when it's ready to be published on your site. Or if you brainstorm in Slack or keep post ideas in Airtable or Trello, you can automatically create posts in Ghost based on the information in those apps.

Plus, the existing "New Story" trigger has been split into two triggers: "Post Published" and "Page Published." Those triggers are now instant, which means that whenever you publish a post or page in Ghost, it can instantly trigger events in any of 1,500+ other apps.

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