New for Our PandaDoc Integration: Create New Contacts

Deborah Tennen
Deborah Tennen / February 12, 2019

Want a fast and easy way to add contacts from other apps to PandaDoc? With the new "Create contact" action, you can send contacts from forms, spreadsheets, CRMs, accounting apps, and 1,000+ other tools directly to PandaDoc.

For example, when you add data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, add a new contact to your CRM or QuickBooks, or receive a form submission, Zapier can automatically create a new contact in PandaDoc.

This new action offers a great shortcut for bulk import of contacts too. With the following Zap, you can copy every contact from a Google Sheets spreadsheet to PandaDoc and reuse the existing contact list for documents. Follow this guide for more help.

You can also build a Zap to create new documents from templates and automatically send those documents to the new contact to sign. When you receive a form submission from Typeform, Google Forms, or Wufoo Forms, PandaDoc can generate a new document from a template. That new document will automatically contain the info from the form and be ready for signing by the person who submitted the form.

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