New: Use PayPal to Pay for your Zapier Account

Fred Castagnac
Fred Castagnac / November 21, 2018

At Zapier, we're always trying to make things easier for you. And today, we’re adding PayPal as a payment option, so people all over the world can get access Zapier's premium features with less hassle.

Why are we adding PayPal?

People across the globe use Zapier to save time at work. But not everyone has easy access to traditional debit and credit cards. So along with offering 24/7 customer service to answer your questions as fast as possible, we decided to add a new payment method that’ll let anyone and everyone easily upgrade their Zapier account. As a trusted, secure, and seamless payment method, PayPal was our first choice.

How can you pay with PayPal?

To use PayPal as a payment method, add your PayPal account in your Payment information.

or select PayPal when you upgrade to a premium plan.