New for Our Slack Integration: Include Files in Messages, Share File Data Outside Your Organization, and Trigger Off Attachments

Deborah Tennen
Deborah Tennen / November 15, 2018

When you send an automated message on Slack, you may want to include a file. Zapier's Slack integration now allows you to add files to any message you send through Zapier.

Include file with Slack message on Zapier

Plus, in the past, if a file is was made publicly available in Slack, its links couldn't be accessed by users outside of your Slack organization. Now, when you move these files to other apps, people outside of your org will be able to access the file data.

One last update: You can now use data from a Slack attachment—the contextual information that's added to a message—as part of a Trigger to start a workflow on Zapier.

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