New Integration: Streamline and Automate Workflows and Processes with Tallyfy

Toby Peterson
Toby Peterson / November 27, 2018
Tallyfy home page

Tallyfy is a business process workflow management tool that helps you design, organize, and automate your business processes. Create and brand workflow templates and include instructions, files, and supporting links. Customize each process according to specified conditions, and automate approval chains. Build task lists and deadlines, assign to coworkers, share with clients, and track progress in real time. Clone tasks to loop and repeat, and then review work logs and escalate actions when needed. Build forms and automate actions based on the information received. Plus, Tallyfy allows you to receive email reminders and collaborate through a chat feature.

Now that Tallyfy connects with Zapier, it's easier than ever to automate your business processes. Zapier can automatically create tasks or start processes in Tallyfy whenever trigger events happen in the other apps you use most.

To connect Tallyfy with 1,300+ other apps, including Nusii Proposals, Freshsales, and Google Calendar, head to Tallyfy's Zapier integration page.

How to Automate Tallyfy with Zapier

  1. Sign up for a Tallyfy account, and make sure you have a Zapier account.

  2. Try some pre-made Tallyfy integrations, and learn more about how Tallyfy works with Zapier.

  3. Or log in and build a custom workflow with Tallyfy and Zapier.