New Integration: Provide Personalized, Contextual, and Relevant Search Results with Coveo

Toby Peterson
Toby Peterson / October 9, 2018
Coveo home page

Coveo is a cloud-based search and relevance service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide information and recommendations that are personalized to fit your users' needs. Deliver relevant, personalized, and contextualized content to boost visitor engagement. Automatically analyze customer behavior to make relevant product recommendations. Build a customized community site to store and showcase user-generated content. Provide relevant and recommended information to self-service customers. Create portals for dealers and partners for personalized search returns, and harness machine learning to improve your own website's search functionality.

Now Coveo connects with Zapier, making it easier than ever to offer AI-powered search results. Zapier can automatically push, update, or delete content from a specified push source in Coveo whenever trigger events happen in the other apps you use most.

To connect Coveo with 1,300+ other apps, including Evernote, Slack, and Twitter, head to Coveo's Zapier integration page.

How to Automate Coveo with Zapier

  1. Sign up for a Coveo account, and make sure you have a Zapier account.

  2. Try some pre-made Coveo integrations, and learn more about how Coveo works with Zapier.

  3. Or log in and build a custom workflow with Coveo and Zapier.