New for Zapier: Run Zaps from Siri in iOS 12

Matthew Guay
Matthew Guay / September 19, 2018

Siri Shortcuts and Zapier

Ever wished Siri could do more than set alarms and answer trivia? With Apple's new iOS 12 and Shortcuts app, you can now teach Siri to do anything you want—and can even connect it to Zapier and the over 1,300 apps that work with it.

Make sure your device is using iOS 12, and install the free Shortcuts app. Then, follow our Zapier for Siri Shortcuts guide to build workflows that can run your Zaps from anywhere.

The Shortcuts app lets you dictate text, or copy data from your Contacts, Notes, and dozens of other apps on your phone. Then add Zapier to your Shortcuts workflow to add that data to your Zap, then connect it to your business apps so you don't have to copy and paste info from your phone. It's the perfect way to get work done from your phone without switching back and forth between apps.

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