New for Google Docs: AI-powered Grammar Suggestions

Matthew Guay
Matthew Guay / July 25, 2018

Google Docs Grammar

Spellcheck is a lifesaver—except for the times when it recommends the wrong word, and we accept the suggestion without double-checking. Collaborating on documents is equally crucial today—but also makes it easy to accidentally make grammar mistakes, use a or an incorrectly, and introduce other errors.

Google Docs is getting a new grammar check to help. It's powered by AI, using the same tools Google Translate uses to translate language automatically to also identify and fix grammar and word-use issues in your documents. You'll see new blue-underlined words and phrases in your documents to fix, along with a redesigned Spelling and Grammar popover to review all of the suggested changes.

The new changes will roll out first to G Suite accounts with early adopter features enabled, before being released to all G Suite and Google Apps users in the near future.

It's yet another way—along with Google Docs' Explore pane's suggested references and images—that Google's adding AI to its apps to help you work more efficiently.

_Header image via the G Suite Updates Blog_