New Integration: Turn Website Visitors into Leads with Leadfeeder

Toby Peterson
Toby Peterson / June 12, 2018
Leadfeeder landing page

Leadfeeder is tracking software that tells you which companies visit your site, as well as how they found you and what they're interested in. With Google Analytics, Leadfeeder manages and automatically sends web traffic data to your sales teams through your CRM or by email. Filter and score leads to target your most promising prospects, then share data between teams to maximize collaboration.

And now that Leadfeeder integrates with 1,000+ web tools via Zapier, you can automatically add new Leadfeeder leads to your CRM, log new Leadfeeder leads to Google Sheets as rows, post Slack messages to a channel for new leads in Leadfeeder, add new Leadfeeder leads to Todoist as tasks, and more.

Take a look at our Leadfeeder integrations page to discover how Leadfeeder works with Zapier.

How to Automate Leadfeeder with Zapier

  1. Sign up for a Leadfeeder account, and make sure you have a Zapier account.

  2. Try some pre-made Leadfeeder integrations, and learn more about how Leadfeeder works with Zapier.

  3. Or log in and build a custom workflow with Leadfeeder and Zapier.