New Integration: Take Control of Inventory Management for Your Online Business with TradeGecko

Matt Lukso
Matt Lukso / May 23, 2018
TradeGecko Marketing Site

As your eCommerce business grows, your business operations will grow as well. You'll likely have more products to track and sell, multiple inventory locations, new sales channels, more staff or perhaps a combination of these things. TradeGecko is an elegant, easy-to-use software designed for eCommerce and wholesale that helps you manage all of your inventory, orders, shipping, and customers in one place - so your team can work closely together from anywhere and on any device. TradeGecko integrates with your favorite business apps including the best of eCommerce, online marketplaces, accounting and shipping software, and your own customizable B2B eCommerce websites. That way, you can focus your energy on growing your business instead of spending all your time stuck in its operations.

Now that TradeGecko integrates with 1,000+ apps via Zapier, you can create Zaps to automate countless eCommerce workflows. You can add new customers to your marketing automation or CRM apps, get real-time notifications when orders are fulfilled, or add new orders from any of your team's other tools.

Take a look at our TradeGecko integrations page to discover how TradeGecko works with Zapier.

How to Automate TradeGecko with Zapier

  1. Sign up for a TradeGecko account, and make sure you have a Zapier account.

  2. Try some pre-made TradeGecko integrations, and learn more about how TradeGecko works with Zapier.

  3. Or log in and build a custom workflow with TradeGecko and Zapier.