New for Our Rebrandly Integration: Find Details About Branded Links

Matthew Guay
Matthew Guay / May 21, 2018

Shortened links aren't just easier to share, they also help you gather more details about your links. In Rebrandly, you can track how many people click on a link, organize them with tags, and see the original link and when it was shortened. Now, with Zapier's new Rebrandly Find Branded Link action, you can look up that info and use it in your Zaps.

Say someone shares your shortened link on Twitter, and you'd like to share that link along with its stats in Slack. Add Rebrandly's Find Branded Link action to your Zap to lookup the link's details, then have Zapier share that with your team. Zapier can also find if the shortened link was updated, and let you share the original link from the shortened one.

→ Automate your shortened links with Zapier's Rebrandly integrations.