New Built-In App: Create Ready-to-Share Links with URL Shortener by Zapier

Jenny Hsu
Jenny Hsu / April 4, 2018

Shortening URLs is one of those small tasks we don’t really think about, but it can instantly improve how we communicate with customers and colleagues. Short URLs look friendlier, are easier to remember, and can even save your team some marketing dollars.

Today we’re excited to announce a new Built-In App: URL Shortener by Zapier. Use it to help you automatically generate ready-to-share short-URLs in your workflow.

Here are some ways you can add the URL Shortener to your Zaps:

  • When you use Zapier to send appointment reminder SMS, remember to add a step with the URL shortener. This helps you save money by staying within the SMS character limit, and makes your messages more approachable.
  • Use the URL Shortener when you pass tracking info through URL parameters. Don’t distract your customers with the extra link info and help them focus on the content you provide.
  • Have you ever tried reciting long URLs over the phone? Help your support team get customers on your website by providing a list of accessible URLs. Whenever you publish a new article on WordPress, create a record in Google Sheets with a shortened URL so your team can find all the links they need in one place.

Automation Inspiration

How to automate with URL Shortener by Zapier

The easiest way to start using URL Shortener by Zapier is to add it as a middle step to your existing Zaps.

  1. Sign up for a Zapier account.
  2. Add a URL Shortener by Zapier step in your Zap.
  3. Use the shortened URL in any of the 1,000+ apps supported on Zapier.