New Integration: Create and Share Online Courses with eCoach

Matt Lukso
Matt Lukso / March 29, 2018

If you run online courses, you're likely in it because your passion is teaching and helping others grow, not the day-to-day clerical work involved in publishing and maintaining your online content.

eCoach is a cloud-based platform designed to simplify your online course management. You can use the ready-made templates to quickly create new courses or upload existing content to start offering your lessons online in no time. eCoach also comes equipped with out-of-the-box functionality for grade assessments, user enrollments, and reporting analytics.

eCoach now integrates with 1,000+ web tools via Zapier, which means you can automate your online course management workflows without writing a single line of code.

How eCoach Works with Zapier


  • New Group: Triggers when a new group is added.
  • New Member: Triggers when a new member is added.
  • Course Completed: Triggers when a student completes a course.
  • New Enrolment: Triggers when a new enrolment is added.
  • New Course: Triggers when a new course is created.
  • New Department: Triggers when a new department is added.


  • Find Group: Finds a group. Optionally, create one if none are found.
  • Find Member: Finds a member of your eCoach campus. Optionally, create one if none are found.
  • Find Course: Finds a course. Optionally, create one if none are found.


  • Create Group: Create a new group in a course.
  • Create Course: Creates a new course.
  • Create Department: Creates a new department.
  • Create Member: Creates a new member.
  • Create Enrolment: Enrols a user in a group.

Automation Inspiration

Get started with these sample Zaps:

Enroll Customers Into Courses Automatically

Send Certificates for Completed Courses

How To Automate eCoach with Zapier

  1. Sign up for a eCoach account, and make sure you have a Zapier account

  2. Try some pre-made eCoach integrations and learn more about how eCoach works with Zapier

  3. Check out our eCoach help documentation for details on connecting your account and setting up your first Zap

  4. Or login and build a custom workflow with eCoach and Zapier