New Integration: Use Agent Legend to Automate Personalized Follow-ups for Real Estate Leads

Matt Lukso
Matt Lukso / February 28, 2018

In the competitive real estate market, quickly responding to customer inquiries can mean all the difference when it comes to closing the deal. However, taking the time to personally respond to each new prospect can easily get out of hand without the right tools.

Agent Legend is a real estate marketing tool that helps by automatically sending personalized responses to your leads. Whether you need to follow up with an email, text message or voicemail, Agent Legend has you covered. The platform enables you to create custom campaigns to nurture relationships, track responses, and manage all leads from a single location.

Now that Agent Legend integrates with Zapier and its 1,000+ apps, you can seamlessly transfer information from any of your favorite tools into your real estate workflows. With this Zapier-Agent Legend integration, you'll never lose another deal again due to slow responses.

How Agent Legend Works with Zapier


  • Find Prospect: Find an existing prospect.


  • Stop Campaign: Stops a campaign for a particular prospect.
  • Add Prospect to Campaign: Adds a prospect to a campaign.

Automation Inspiration

Get started with these sample Zaps:

Add Leads to a Campaign

Keep Contact Lists Up-to-date

How to Automate Agent Legend with Zapier

  1. Sign up for a Agent Legend account, and make sure you have a Zapier account

  2. Try some pre-made Agent Legend integrations and learn more about how AgentLegend works with Zapier

  3. Check out our Agent Legend help documentation for details on connecting your account and setting up your first Zap

  4. Or login and build a custom workflow with Agent Legend and Zapier