Email Parser + Filters: Advanced Tips for Your Inbox Automation

Jenny Hsu
Jenny Hsu / February 8, 2018

Here’s something we probably have in common: We all get emails. You might've even come to this post from an email.

Want to make your inbox work harder for you? Email Parser by Zapier is a powerful built-in app that can automatically take information from emails and apply it in apps you designated. Use email parser with filters, which let you set if and when a Zap should run, and there are endless productivity hacks you can try!

Here are a few scenarios:

You’re a real estate agent…

  • Spend more time with your clients by automatically aggregating email with new leads to Excel Online. Use filters so your Zap only records leads when the email text contain certain attributes (e.g. a certain type of property or location.)
  • Stay focused on your most important customers by automatically adding a Google Calendar event when you receive a contact form email. Use filters to only create an event when the phone number field is filled out.

You’re a marketer…

  • No more spending hours monitoring ad reports every week. Set up a Zap to read ad report emails and send yourself a Slack message or push notification when there’s an anomaly.

You’re a sales representative…

  • Use information from incoming emails to update deals in your CRM only if the email contains certain keywords.

You’re Busy…

  • Keep track of your iTunes spending by automatically sending receipts to the email parser and add the numbers to Google Sheet only when the subtotal is not zero.
  • Create a to-do item tagged “Prioritized” in Trello when you receive an email from you manager containing the keyword “ASAP”

By automating the repetitive tasks in your inbox, you can shave hours from your workflow. Let us know how you automate with Zapier’s email parser + filters in the comments below!

How To Add A Filter

  1. Click on the “+” sign between two steps and select filter.
  2. Set up the conditions for if and when the next action should run in your Zap.