New Integration: Convert Your Site Visitors into Engaged Subscribers with MailMunch

Rachel Poletick
Rachel Poletick / November 1, 2017

Maintaining the attention of your site visitors is a growing concern, especially if you have many competitors in your market.

With MailMunch, the answer is as obvious as it is easy to implement. Whenever users visit your site, MailMunch gives them the option of opting into your email subscription list, so they can stay in-the-know about your business. Offering a wide variety of customizable opt-in forms, as well as built-in analytics and A/B testing features, MailMunch gives you the chance to choose the form that performs the best for you. Turn one-time visitors into lifelong customers with little effort.

Now that Zapier and MailMunch have teamed up, you can pack even more power into your engagement strategy. Set up Zaps that connect MailMunch with your favorite email marketing tool, so sign-ups are automatically converted into subscriptions. No more manual updates to subscriber lists that drag you away from the more important work of growing your business. For up-to-date details on new subscribers, you can also rely on Zaps that automatically notify you by SMS, Slack, or email. Take advantage of Zapier’s integrations with MailMunch and 750+ other web tools and make customers eagerly return to your business.

How MailMunch Works with Zapier


  • New Subscriber: Triggers when a new subscriber is added to a selected form in your account.

Automation Inspiration

Get started with these sample Zaps:

Add New MailMunch Subscribers to Other Marketing Lists

Watch Subscribers Sign Up in Real Time

How To Automate MailMunch with Zapier

  1. Sign up for a MailMunch account, and make sure you have a Zapier account

  2. Try some pre-made MailMunch integrations and learn more about how MailMunch works with Zapier

  3. Check out our MailMunch help documentation for details on connecting your account and setting up your first Zap

  4. Or login and build a custom workflow with MailMunch and Zapier