New Service: New Relic Helps You Pinpoint and Solve Performance Issues

James Carr
James Carr / February 22, 2013

You know the story. Teams shows up to work in the morning and discover the business' public site is returning 503 errors like no tomorrow. After great heroics by the infrastructure team new nodes are brought up to handle what turned out to be a nasty performance spike caused by increase traffic. Wouldn't it be nice to know before hand?

New Relic is a service that monitors performance at the user, server and application level. Over here at Zapier we've been giving New Relic a try and we love it! In fact we love it enough that the first order of business after capturing metrics with it we decided to whip up a zap to integrate with it.

So today we're happy to announce the Zapier New Relic Integration. With this initial release we suport receiving webhook based alerts and recording application deployments. Some examples of using these two include recording deployments from Beanstalkapp releases and broadcasting alerts via Gmail. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Get New Relic standard free via Zapier.