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Articles tagged "Marketing"

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A hero image for Twitter app tips with the Twitter logo on a blue background

How to advertise on Twitter

I've spent the last 10 years writing about and implementing paid ad strategies for businesses, and almost every single company has focused their advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google. 

By Danielle Antosz

5 min read

A bell icon

By Ellie Huizenga

3 min read

A hero image for HubSpot app tips with the HubSpot logo on an orange background

5 HubSpot workflows for lead management

HubSpot workflows are automations that trigger certain desired actions in the CRM without you or your team having to perform any tasks manually.

By Katie Paterson

6 min read

A megaphone in a stylized web page. The icon is in bright orange, inside a white square with rounded corners, and placed on a light orange background.

By Krystina Martinez

5 min read

Hero image with an icon of notes (4 lines)

How to write a blog post outline: A step-by-step guide

By Rochi Zalani

6 min read

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