Get Notifications from Notorious B.O.T.

Wade Foster
Wade Foster
June 11, 2012

Getting notifications for certain events can be pretty important, but a lot of times they can be pretty generic.

Savvy Zapier user, Taylor over at, made a pretty clever way to spice up Campfire alerts:

I created a Campfire user called Notorious B.O.T. and connected it to Zapier. He tells us when signups happen with Wufoo, purchases happen with Paypal and support tickets come in with

Here's what a notification from Wufoo looks like in practice:

Wufoo Notorious B.O.T.

And from Notorious B.O.T.

And finally from PayPal:

PayPal Notorious B.O.T.

I'm especially a fan of the Ka-Ching found in the PayPal notification.

If you want to try replicating this go check out the Campfire integrations, but I'd suggest coming up with your own creative use case. :D

For the curious, here is how you can make sounds effects and the cute little icons in Campfire.

Once your done come back here and share it with us all.

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