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4 ways to automate Personio

By Nicole Replogle · February 9, 2023
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Personio is an extremely popular HR solution that combines recruiting, HR management, and payroll into one platform. But you can't keep the right people informed of new hires, consolidate employee information, and manage the hiring process strictly within Personio—which means you're spending time switching between apps and manually ensuring the flow of information runs smoothly.

If you're trying to scale your team, it might be time to automate some of your most repetitive workflows.

With Zapier, you can automate your HR processes within and without Personio. Our automated workflows (called Zaps) send information to and from your most essential apps, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Here are the most popular ways to automate Personio with the rest of your tech stack—so you can spend more time on the human element of human resources.

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To get started with a Zap template—what we call our pre-made workflows—just click on the button. It only takes a few minutes to set up. You can read more about setting up Zaps here.

Add new employee information to a spreadsheet or database

By itself, Personio is a great platform for storing important employee data. It gives you quick access to digital employee files and automated reminders of important upcoming dates. 

But nothing beats a good old-fashioned spreadsheet when it comes to robust and flexible data analytics. 

Doing double-entry in Personio and another database, though, simply takes up too much time. Manually updating spreadsheets isn't an efficient way to scale processes if you want your team to grow. You also risk forgetting to update one app or another when you get busy or the human mistakes that come with manual data entry. 

Instead of taking the time to manually check Personio's records against your Google Sheet or Airtable profile, use one of these Zaps to ensure each new Personio entry is copied accurately into your database of choice.

Create Google Sheets rows for new Personio employees

Create Google Sheets rows for new Personio employees
  • Personio logo
  • Google Sheets logo
Personio + Google Sheets

Set up new employees

The employee onboarding process can be complicated when you try to handle it on your own, and it doesn't easily scale.

Make the process easier by using Zaps to automate some of your onboarding work whenever you create a new employee in Personio. Whether it's by granting new hires access to the necessary tools or announcing newcomers in the group chat, let Zapier take the work out of your hands.

Grant new employees access

New hires are likely inundated with new logins and user profiles on your organization's various tools—and when you're busy, it's easy to forget to send an invite. But the longer a new employee waits to receive access to your team's tools, the less welcome they feel.

Avoid awkward delays by using one of these Zaps to automatically invite a new user to a Slack channel or create a Jira request when a new employee is added to Personio.

And if each employee consistently needs access to the same few apps, you can create a multi-step Zap (available on our paid plans) to grant new hires access to several tools with one workflow. 

Announce new hires

Another way to make new employees feel welcomed is to announce their presence. Sending a company or team-wide message makes sure everyone is aware of the new hire and has the opportunity to say hello.

If your organization lives in Slack, consider using this Zap to send a channel message anytime you add a new employee to Personio. That way, you won't have to remember to send a manual Slack message every time you onboard a new hire.

Keep track of who's working

Personio offers a robust absence management feature, which allows staff to plan their own absences and coordinate permissions smoothly. But for those in your organization who aren't constantly logged in to Personio, you might want another way to notify key people of absences or schedule changes.

This is especially helpful if your organization uses shift-based scheduling. When scheduling data changes—like if an on-call shift switches from one employee to another—it's important to keep that information accurate and easily accessible. 

You might want to use Zapier to automatically update a spreadsheet row in Google Sheets whenever a new absence is recorded in Personio. Or if your team relies on Calendar to get a birds-eye view of when everyone is working, you can turn new absences in Personio into calendar events. 

And when an employee calls in sick or takes a personal day, it's usually a good idea for their manager and team to know about it. This Zap makes it easy to send a Slack channel message for new absences, saving you time typing out a new message each time.

Promote open positions

When you're hiring for a new role, you want to advertise the opening in as many places as possible. 

While Personio supports native integrations with more than 15 job boards, you may want to go even further. Drawing in a large pool of candidates means casting the net far and wide—not only to job boards but to places like social media and your website. 

After all, people who already follow your organization on social media and frequent your site might be the exact candidates you're looking for. 

And once you start receiving replies, you'll want to keep applications organized in one central hub. 

The Zaps below automatically take new submissions from Typeform, Facebook Lead Ads, and Perspective and turn them into new applicants in Personio. From there, you can begin sifting through resumes and setting up interviews with the right candidates.

Improve your HR processes with automation

The goal of human resources is in the name: it's about giving your people the resources they need to succeed. From onboarding to record-keeping to schedule management, your role helps your entire organization run smoothly. 

But onboarding new employees, maintaining accurate records, and tracking absences often involve several tools and require buy-in from multiple people. With Zapier, you can automate your most repetitive tasks and ensure nothing falls through the cracks—while everyone stays on the same page.

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