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Belle Cooper

Belle B. Cooper is the co-founder of Exist, a personal analytics platform to help you understand your life.

Belle Cooper

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digital-and-paper-note-taking- primary img

Productivity tips

Build the Perfect Productivity System with Paper Notebooks and Digital Tools

Apps aren't everything. Despite the plethora of to-do apps and note-taking apps available, pen and paper can still be a valuable productivity tool.

By Belle Cooper

13 min read

what-is-imposter-syndrome primary img

Productivity tips

Imposter Syndrome: Why You Have It and What You Can Do About It

Many of us worry about not performing well enough at our jobs, not getting good enough grades, or not having as much knowledge and experience as our peers.

By Belle Cooper

6 min read

better-time-management primary img

Productivity tips

The Best Ways to Protect Your Time

Important people are busy, so anyone who's very busy must be very important, right? Not necessarily.

By Belle Cooper

5 min read

improve-vocabulary-apps primary img

App tips

Sound Smarter with These Vocabulary Building Apps and Tips

Have you ever felt that high from finally employing a new, SAT-worthy word, matching it to the exact meaning you're trying to convey? It's like fitting the last piece into a jigsaw puzzle; there's something incredibly satisfying about using words well.

By Belle Cooper

9 min read

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