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Ask Zapier: Our automation advice column

We know you've got questions. We're here to answer.

By Janine Anderson · August 19, 2020
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Whether you're just starting to think about automation or you're an old pro looking to expand what you let the computers handle for you, we're here to help.

We're taking your questions about Zapier, app automation, remote work—or whatever else you've always wanted to send our way but didn't want to put in our contact form. Our staff will select a question each week and answer it with a short video on Instagram. (Don't follow us yet? Fix that!)

If you have a question you'd like us to answer, submit it using the button below or by filling out this form. We're taking general questions about automation, Zapier, remote work, productivity, or apps, but are not able to answer specific questions about your account or help troubleshoot a Zap. Support-related questions about a specific Zap or your account should be submitted through the support contact form.

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Janine Anderson

Janine Anderson is the managing editor of the app directory, and works from Racine, Wis. You can often find her reading, writing or knitting, and is happiest when she is at the Lake Michigan shoreline.


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