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How to Get Started with Yammer

Understanding the Different Yammer Actions#

Yammer offers Actions that sound similar, but show up differently inside the Yammer interface.

Create Message: This will create a "proper" feed story inside of Yammer. The feed inside of Yammer looks like this:

Yammer Feed

The "create message" Action is suitable for lower volume integrations since the feed inside Yammer can get quite noisy. If you are pushing a lot of data (such as from an RSS feed, or other "notification" style items) you should probably use the following "create activity" Action.

Create Activity: This Action is great for higher volume "dumps" back into Yammer from external sources, like RSS, Dropbox, project management tools, etc. Here is where the activity stream shows up inside Yammer:

Yammer Activity

Of course, it is up to you which Action you'd like to use!

Connecting your Yammer Account#

Once you've picked out a Yammer Trigger or Action you'd like to use, you'll need to connect your Yammer Account to Zapier. This is really quick and painless. Here is what the process looks like.

First, click to connect.

Connect Yammer 1

You'll be greeted by a popup asking you to label the new Yammer Account inside Zapier. This is purely for your own information; you can leave the default if you'd like.

Connect Yammer 2

Another window will open, this time asking you to login and allow Zapier access to your Yammer data.

Connect Yammer 3

Connect Yammer 4

Clicking "Allow" will automatically close the window and return you to Zapier. If all went well, you're Yammer Account is now connected!

Connect Yammer 5

Common Problems with Yammer

My External Network is Not Shown in the List#

When setting up the Yammer "create message" and "create activity" Actions, you're given a change to select which External Network you'd like to publish into.

External Networks

Although the list appears dynamic, it is actually fixed to the moment in time when your Yammer Account was connected to Zapier. If you have recently been added to a new external network and would like to publish into it, you need to simply re-connect your Account from your settings or in the Zap editor.

Connection reset by peer#

These are temporary network hiccups by Yammer's servers. It is usually safe to ignore these (or try again later) as they are very ephemeral.

Your network is not allowed to request an OAuth token for this Application#

This error is commonly thrown when the Yammer organization you belong to has explicitly disabled support for third party integrations. You should speak with your administrator on getting this enabled.

Popular Things To Do With Yammer

Get Slack notifications for new Yammer posts

Yammer + Slack

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Post RSS feed updates to Yammer

RSS by Zapier + Yammer

Update an RSS feed with Yammer messages

Yammer + RSS by Zapier

Post my Twitter tweets to Yammer

Twitter + Yammer

Get Yammer messages for new posts on Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages + Yammer

Post Twitter tweets from a given user in Yammer

Twitter + Yammer

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