Copy new posted invoices from Workbooks CRM to Xero

Save time and streamline your business processes by allowing Zapier to replicate your documents for you. Once you activate this integration, it will trigger whenever you change the status of a Workbooks invoice from "Draft" to "Posted". We'll then create a copy of the invoice on Xero, adding a new customer if they don't exist as well, so you can be sure your accounting processes never fall behind.

Note: If you want to map to Xero's 'Account Code' field, you will need to set up a custom field on your Workbooks Invoice Line Items with picklist values that match up to the Account Code options. To map to Xero's 'Tax Type' field, you will need to rename the Workbooks Tax Codes to match those of Xero. Please read this Knowledge Base page for more information.

How this Workbooks CRM-Xero integration works

  1. The status of a Workbooks invoice is changed from DRAFT to POSTED
  2. Zapier creates a new Xero invoice from the Workbooks invoice

Apps involved

  • Workbooks CRM
  • Xero
Copy new posted invoices from Workbooks CRM to Xero
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Workbooks CRM is specifically designed for mid-sized and growing companies. Run marketing campaigns, capture leads, create quotations, manage a sales pipeline, process orders and raise invoices all in a single platform. Workbooks reports and dashboards give you the management insight you need and with our Web and Mobile App, plus Outlook and Google Apps integration it’s easy for users to adopt.

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Xero is an accounting app that lets you track businesses expenses and accounting with intuitive mobile apps and web interfaces for point-of-sale, ecommerce, time-tracking, and more.

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