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How to Get Started with TrackVia on Zapier

First, you will need a TrackVia and Zapier account. If you do not already have a TrackVia account, sign up for a free trial at Once you have built your app in TrackVia, you can begin building your Zap, and Zapier will ask you to link to TrackVia when needed.

TrackVia 1

When you connect your TrackVia account, Zapier will ask you to name it. The name is just an easy way to remember which TrackVia account you are using. You can link more than one account, so the important thing is that the name is meaningful to you.

TrackVia 2

After naming your account, you will be taken to the TrackVia website to verify your identity and authorize Zapier to use your data. To do this you will be asked to login to TrackVia with your email address and password, then click “Sign In”.

TrackVia 3

After signing in to TrackVia, you will be asked to confirm that you want to allow Zapier to use your TrackVia account on your behalf. If you are sure you want Zapier to access your account click “Authorize.”

Rest assured, the information stored in your TrackVia account is safe with Zapier. To read more about TrackVia’s multi-layered, pervasive security go here. To learn more about Zapier’s security features, go here.

TrackVia 4

Next, Zapier will verify that everything is working as expected. You should see a message verifying that the account is working:

TrackVia 5

Popular Things To Do With TrackVia

  • Save Wufoo form entries to TrackVia database

    Wufoo + TrackVia

    Try It
  • Send documents to WebMerge from TrackVia records

    TrackVia + Formstack Documents

  • Create detailed events on Google Calendar for new records on TrackVia

    TrackVia + Google Calendar

  • Quick add Google Calendar events from new TrackVia records

    TrackVia + Google Calendar

  • Send emails through Gmail for new records on TrackVia

    TrackVia + Gmail

  • Create TrackVia records for new emails on Gmail [Business Gmail Accounts Only]

    Gmail + TrackVia

Common Problems with TrackVia

TrackVia Classic

Unfortunately, we don't have support for TrackVia classic at this point in time.

New records aren't triggering my Zap

If you use the TrackVia import tool to add, update, or delete more than 1000 records into TrackVia at the same time, TrackVia won't notify Zapier of the new records, and thus your Zap won't trigger. You'll need to import fewer than 1000 records at a time in order for it to properly send the data to Zapier.

New Records in my selected View aren't triggering my Zap!

Unfortunately, TrackVia records that enter a view without being changed will not trigger a Zap. Something on the record will have to change for the Zap to trigger. A record passing from one view into another view due to the passage of time is not a saved change to a record, so won't fire a Zap.

One possible workaround for Views that are based only on the passage of time is to write some sort of "IF" statement with a "Date Dif" function in a calculated field that can output a given value after a certain date field is passed.

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