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TrackVia is designed to help manage your workflows in gathering, maintaining, and staying notified about your data as it flows through a process, with tools that everyone on your team can use. And it's easy to start using, either with a pre-built app template or just by uploading your existing spreadsheet templates which TrackVia can turn into an app automatically.

TrackVia apps include Tables which store your data (like a traditional database), Forms to add data, Views to sort through and showcase data, Filters to see data that meets specific criteria, Dashboards to visualize data and see what's going on, and Roles to define who in your team can access which data. Combine that with relationships between tables to link data, customizable notifications when data is added or changed, integrations with 3rd party apps to automate your workflows, options to add code into your TrackVia app to customize it further, and mobile apps to view and add data on the go, and you have everything you need for custom, in-house apps that you can build with little to no codeing.

You'll start out by adding the fields you need to your tables, or editing the ones added by default from a spreadsheet you've uploaded. You can include any standard text and number fields, along with drop-down lists, and special fields for dates, emails, documents, locations, and more. There are also calculated fields to crunch numbers or auto-generate new values, from email addresses to distance calculations based on other fields, as well as triggered fields that add if logic and other code-like features without writing any code.

Once you've added those tables, you can then build forms to let your team add data to tables via the TrackVia website or the mobile apps. Those forms can add anything to your tables—including documents, images, location, and text—or they can lookup data from other tables by search or scanning barcodes and QR codes.

With your tables filled with data, it's time to start putting it to work. For that, you'll first add Views which can show specific parts of your data in the way you want. Select a table, then choose what data to show, how to order it, and calculate values or display the data in the charts or visualizations that fit it best. You can then pull those views together along with forms into a dashboard, so your team can easily view and add data in the ways that reflects the way your team works. Then, your team can open TrackVia in their browser or mobile app, see the data they need, and add new records from anywhere. It'll fit your business' needs perfectly.

Unlike most apps, you'll need to take time to setup your customized TrackVia app and get it to work the way you want. Or, you might not even need to do that, since TrackVia offers professional design services to help you get the app you want built within weeks. Once that's done, you'll have an app that works exactly the way you want, to manage your data and create a workflow that fits your team. And if anything ever needs changed, you can tweak your app quickly to scale it as your team grows.

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Review originally reviewed 3 Apr 2015; re-reviewed 18 Aug 2016 to include TrackVia's new features.

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TrackVia Features

  • Create customized database-powered apps for inspections, inventory and asset management, mobile data collection, and custom processes from templates, existing spreadsheets, or by hand

  • Visualize data with reports and dashboards

  • Add relationships to link data, filters to sort through data, and calculated values in forms to add data automatically

  • Gather location, scan barcodes, and more with apps

  • Integrate with other apps or add code to make more powerful workflows

  • Use roles to restrict visibility of data

  • iOS and Android apps available

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