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Click on the Create new course tile to build your first course. You’ll be directed to the course editor where you can design your course’s landing page, create the curriculum, add instructors, and change the course’s settings. You’ll see all of the design changes in real time, and you can preview the course as a student so that everything looks great before launch day.

The curriculum is the heart of your Thinkific course. It’s divided into two parts: chapters and content. You can create new course content or upload existing lessons to a chapter. Lessons can be made up of videos, images, PDFs, quizzes, surveys and other types of content so your students can interact with the course as they go along. You can then drag and drop lessons between chapters or reorder chapters. If you’d like to personalize the learning experience further, you can create your own completion page so they fit your style or brand. Click the Save button once you’ve finalized your curriculum.

Within the same window, you’ll see options to create a drip schedule, which lets you release content at a steady pace over a period of time while notifying students when a lesson or chapter is available (just as you would in a normal class with lectures every Tuesday at 9:30AM). You can choose whether to release content when the course is available or upon enrollment. You’ll then define the number of days before the first and succeeding chapters become available. If the course is part of your early sales funnel, you can use the Upsell feature to promote paid courses and other products to convert students into paying customers.

Designing your website is just as crucial when launching your online course. If you’re pressed for time, use any of Thinkific’s responsive page themes to save time and effort from designing from scratch. Just click on Themes from the Site section of the sidebar menu and apply the theme that best fits your brand. You can then add a custom domain, publish a landing page, or apply HTML/CSS customizations to encourage potential students to sign up.

Setting up your payment options is just as easy. Simply integrate your Stripe or PayPal account to accept purchases from your students. Thinkific delivers payments straight to your merchant account, waiving all transaction fees for those on the Business and Advanced plans. If you’re launching a weekend sale or marketing campaign, you can create coupons, bundles, and affiliates to help promote your course. Make sure to check out the Advanced Settings where you can customize your site URL, add custom sign-up fields, and add Google analytics to track enrollments and sales.

So much effort goes into launching a course that housekeeping and admin work become a daily struggle. Thinkific takes care of site design, payments, student information, and advanced customizations all in one place so you can focus on giving your students the education they deserve.

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