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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated September 25, 2015

Customer support is a tedious job mostly because you end up answering the same questions each day. You can try to anticipate needs with documentation and FAQs, but you'll still miss something—and most people will find it easier to email and ask a question instead of trying to help themselves.

Tender Support solves that problem by centering your entire support strategy around a customer forum. Instead of focusing first on email support, Tender starts out with your support center. You can design it the way you want, with CSS, HTML, and Javascript that'll make it match your branding and keep it feeling like everyone else's support centers. Then, you'll fill the support center with documentation, using Markdown formatting to quickly make great looking support articles that are easy to edit. Add your own domain and a support email address, and you're ready to roll.

You might be inclined to share your support email address, but you'd be better off letting your Tender Support center work its own magic. When a customer goes looking for help, they'll be able to see your documentation and start a new discussion. By default, new support inquires are public, helping keep the discussions friendly and letting you answer each question only once. The first time someone asks a common question, it'll be turned into a new discussion page complete with your reply, ready to help other customers when they need help.

Customers can choose instead to send you a private message if they want, but Tender Support will still keep trying to help automatically. It'll scan the email message, and automatically reply with links to relevant support articles. That way, only the most unique support tickets should make their way through to your email queue—the rest should be handled automatically.

Private messages and public forum replies both have the same design, for your team and for users, so you'll feel equally at home in either one. You can even install a plugin on your site that automatically sends customer info across to the support center, so they don't have to create a new account to see their replies or join in forum discussions.

Even with Tender Support's automation, you'll still end up needing to answer some questions. Customers will uncover new bugs, ask for new features, and bring up other ideas you'll want to address. That's where Tender's integration with Lighthouse and GitHub come in. You can link any customer emails with the same bug to tickets in your development apps, create new issues, and automatically update customers or ask them for more info as you work on solving the bug.

Even while you're working on fixing bugs users report, it can be easy to let support tickets get lost in the clutter and forget to followup back up. Tender has your back there, too, with reminders about stale tickets that never got resolved. Whether they're in emails or public forum discussions, it'll make sure you solve every case.

If you're looking for a tool to make it easy to support your users in a public forum, Tender Support is great tool to have. It emphasizes public support so you'll never have to answer the same question twice, and helps make sure you solve every issue your users uncover.

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Tender Support Features

  • Forum-style support where all messages are public by default
  • Reply to forum questions and support emails in the same interface
  • Automated replies that suggest relevant knowledge base articles
  • Fully customize support center with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Lighthouse and Github to track bugs from support

Tender Support Pricing

  • $9/month Starter plan for email support, knowledge base, and community forums
  • $49/month Standard plan for canned replies, single sign-on, and advanced reports
  • $99/month Pro plan for full customization and activity filters

Each plan includes 1 support agent; additional users cost $20/month each on any plan

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Tender Support is an elegant help desk that organizes your customer care so you can focus on delivering the best service possible.