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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated April 6, 2016

Tasks are all similar in a certain way: they're all things that need done, with certain details and requirements. But projects, while technically just a group of tasks, can be wildly different. In fact, they can be different for each person on your team. A project manager may need to organize the broad deadlines of a project, while team leads may need to arrange the tasks into a workflow, and a programmer or designer need to see just the list of things they need to do.

Targetprocess lets you manage projects with all of those scenarios and more in mind, while keeping your tasks the same. You can add as many tasks to your projects as you need, with Scrum-style task formats like story, bug, feature and more to designate the different types of tasks you need to work on. You can even list tasks as epics, groups of tasks that need done together, complete with relations to mark the order in which tasks need done.

With that done, it's time to visualize your task workflow, and that's where Targetprocess' customizable boards come in. Each task is tied to a project, and the boards are just new ways to view the tasks—not where the tasks actually live. You can make new boards to show tasks in any way you want, add other boards to view other tasks, and even remove boards without it changing the task cards themselves at all.

Boards can be organized in traditional kanban-style columns, a tabbed interface that shows tasks in one list with their full details open in a sidebar, a scrum list with tasks and their dependencies under them, or a portfolio that shows tasks on a Gantt-style timeline. You can then customize the board beyond that, with 5 different card sizes that can show various amounts of info, rules to highlight cards with different colors based on their contents, and core settings to the specific types of cards you want, show lists vertically or horizontally, and filter tasks in specific ways. Or, you can use a template to start out with a pre-made boards designed for a variety of different uses. There's even a zoom and calendar option, to show specific parts of a board or only see cards due in a specific time.

With that, you can make any type of board you want, and have them show tasks from any one project or as many projects together as you want. Create customized Gantt charts to plan tasks schedule by dragging-and-dropping tasks, then organize the same tasks into workflows with kanban lists. Add or remove boards as you need—they're just ways to visualize everything you have to do. Then, you can save boards as templates, or export the cards they show in a CSV file.

Then, for another quick overview, you can use the dashboard, which can show tasks from your projects and graphs about project progress in a customized layout. Or, you can search through all projects' tasks to find anything you want.

Targetprocess is a unique way to visualize anything you're working on, so you can plan and execute your projects from the same app, without being stuck to the same layout for each stage of the project.

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Targetprocess Features

  • Track tasks in customizable boards with kanban boards, portfolio lists, scrum sprints, task lists and more
  • Collapse lists and still see summary of tasks included
  • Create graphical reports about anything in your boards
  • Plan tasks on gantt chart-style timelines
  • Get a quick overview from customizable dashboards with task, projects, and reports
  • iOS and Android apps available

Targetprocess Pricing

  • Free Team plan for 1k entries and basic support
  • $20/month per user Company plan for unlimited entries and standard support
  • Custom pricing for Enterprise plan with premium support, single sign-on, and private cloud option

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