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David Chang
Written by David ChangLast updated January 27, 2017

When you think of project management tools, the first thing comes to your mind might be Gantt charts and dashboards full of features. But if you're a designer or project manager, those bulky tools might not serve you well—and will occasionally distract you from your real works with administrative tasks such as filling timesheets.

Streamtime is the project management tool that allows you to run core functions that team required without the redundant features that never use. It challenges the status quo of the original playbook, and focuses only on making project management simple. If you are with small or medium size creative companies that consistently looking for an effective way to plan jobs, manage progress, teams and tasks, and run analytics to spot opportunities, Streamtime is a good prospect for you to consider adopt.

After meeting with your clients to discuss about the project scope and details, you’ll need to follow up with a solid plan, list of items to complete the job, and a quote. With Streamtime, you can implement this workflow in a clear-defined pipeline. First of all, you need to create a new job with budget. You can choose to charge your clients by your team members’ hourly rate or by a set price. Then, you need to add items to the job. You can assign different team members, estimate hours, and set deadlines to each item. Both job and item have budget options, which allows you to setup and track the cost of each item and keep everything under control. When the job and items are created, you can transform your project plan into a quote for your client in one click. The quote only has one default design but is customizable to show and hide information based on different client needs. You can directly send the quote to your client or download the PDF file. When the project kickstarted, Streamtime provides clear visual indicators for you to track your team’s progress, and let you know that whether your project in on-time or on-budget. To close the loop, Streamtime allows you to integrate with Xero and send your job plan for simple invoicing.

Streamtime has an innovative to-do list—a drag and drop weekday calendar. Above the date line is the “todo area”. Tasks can be manually added or automatically scheduled based on estimated time and deadlines in the project. Today’s to-dos are colored from bottom to top by priority, and you can increase or decrease the size of each task box if you want to adjust the estimated time of the task. On the other hand, below the date line is the “done area”. You can drag a task from the todo area and drop the task box in the done area when you complete your tasks. When the task is done, Streamtime automatically logs the time you have worked on the task to the project, so you won’t need to waste your time filling out separate timesheets. As for team management, Streamtime creates a drag and drop Team Schedule for you to see every member’s tasks in one clear view. You can review your team schedule and evaluate the capacity of output. To manage your team’s time and resources, you can drag and drop tasks between members for task reallocation, as well as edit each task for new deadline.

With a solid workflow and tools to manage it, Streamtime also provides analytics for you to evaluate your team’s performance. There are several preset segments for you to start tracking, including my time this week, team time this month, all work in progress, and items over budget. For advanced purpose, you can also create your own segments or add filters to customize reports. Reports can be exported into CSV files.

Whether you are a freelance designer or a project manager in medium size marketing agency, Streamtime can help you schedule and manage your work in progress more efficiently. It saves you time and help you to manage tasks in an simple and innovative way.

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Streamtime Features

  • Auto-schedule tasks based on estimated time and deadlines
  • Create and plan jobs quickly: pick staffs, estimate hours, and set deadlines
  • Visual indicators to track project progress and budget
  • Convert project plan to job quotation in one click
  • Drag and drop task manager to arrange to-dos between staffs on the team schedule
  • Automated time entry when to-dos are completed
  • iOS and Android apps available

Streamtime Pricing

  • $15/user/month

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