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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated January 2, 2017
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If you want to share your written thoughts, there are hundreds of apps for that, from social networks like Facebook and Twitter to blog services like Medium and WordPress. Want to share videos? YouTube, Vimeo, and even Facebook are all happy to host that for free.

Audio is a bit more tricky, enough so that one of the most popular ways to share new songs and speeches and other recordings is to include them in a video and share them on YouTube. Or, you could share just your audio with SoundCloud—and build a network around it.

SoundCloud is designed to be the place you discover the latest recordings, the songs that will be popular tomorrow. It's the place you'll find the latest remixes of today's popular songs alongside new recordings from brand-new artists. It's even increasingly popular for podcasts and other audio recordings, and with SoundCloud Go you can also discover over 135 million tracks for a full streaming music service that pulls in music from every era. You can find your favorite music, discover something new, and share your latest recording with one of the internet's most active music communities.

It starts out with SoundCloud's apps, where you can discover and play music from your browser or mobile device. Select any song to start playing it, and add other songs to your queue to build up a playlist. Browse around the site, and SoundCloud will keep your audio playing—and it'll even find related tracks to play automatically when you hit the end of your playlist. Add a comment to songs you like, and it'll show up at the spot in the recording you were listening to right then—a great way to annotate audio. You can build your own playlists, favorite songs to find them later, and follow artists to get notified whenever they release something new.

And, it's not just for others' music. You can use those same features to share your latest recordings and build your own following. SoundCloud lets you upload around 3 albums worth of audio for free, with monthly plans to share more. Each recording includes as much metadata as you want, including links to purchase your song or discover your other recordings on other services. Or, if you'd like, SoundCloud can offer your songs for free download as a great way to build your fan base by offering them unique recordings.

Paid plans also give you extra analytics. In addition to seeing how many people listen to your music, SoundCloud's pro plans can show country and even city-level analytics, so you'll know where might be best to hold a meetup or concert. With a Premier plan, SoundCloud even shares streaming revenue with you for an easy way to go from your first recording to a full career as a musician.

Audio shouldn't be just another part of videos—it deserves its own unique apps. With SoundCloud, you can share your audio in the best way for it to be discovered, and get feedback on exactly which spots in your songs listeners liked the most. It's one of the first places you should start when sharing your next recording.

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SoundCloud Features

  • Join a music community where you can share tracks and build a collection of your favorite recordings
  • Listen to audio online or in SoundCloud's apps
  • Add comments to specific times during a recording
  • Create your own playlist of favorite songs
  • Share your own recordings and include links for purchase or let listeners download the song offline
  • iOS and Android apps available

SoundCloud Pricing

  • Free for listening to music, interacting with the community, and uploading up to a total of 180 minutes of audio
  • $7/month Pro plan for 360 minutes of audio uploads, additional stats, and option to pin track to your profile
  • $15/month Pro Unlimited for unlimited uploads, city-level stats, and info on the sites and apps your tracks are played from
  • $9.99/month SoundCloud Go plan for ad-free, offline listening with tracks from major music labels

25% discount on Pro and Pro Unlimited with annual plans

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